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Thousands of Videos In Our Library

Our library has thousands of videos, including private coaching, speech club meetings, and stuttering & speech tips. Many ex-stutterers achieved their fluency by viewing and studying these invaluable videos.

Private Coaching Archive

  • Certified Speech Coaches provide instruction to students of nearly every age, gender, and nationality.
  • Watch students move from stuttering to fluency, at times, in a single session.
  • Searchable by nearly 100 speech anxiety and stuttering terms.
  • Create your own unique playlists by entering your search terms and storing content which addresses your fluency needs.
  • Watch and rewatch the lessons which most improve your speech.
  • Some have been able to stop stuttering only by watching these videos.

Stuttering & Speech Tips

  • Watch these short and power-packed tips throughout the day. They will inspire you and immediately elevate your speech to new heights.
  • Coach Lee’s stuttering and speech tips have radically reduced stuttering for many students.
  • Choose from 100s of topics, such as Best Solution for Choppy Speech, Simplest Ways to Stop Stuttering, and How to Stop the Stuttering Snowball.

Speech Club Meetings

  • The world’s only speech club comprised of stutterers and ex-stutters.
  • Watch our weekly meetings and experience how members help, encourage, and support each other on their journeys to fluency.
  • Searchable by dozens of speech anxiety and stuttering terms.
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