Lee, Bermuda

From puberty to around age forty, I was a suffering stutterer. Unless you knew me then, you haven’t known me as a stutterer. In fact, by age thirty, I had become very good at hiding it from most. The irony is that, pre-teens, I spoke exceptionally well, but, after one ghastly reading-aloud instance at school, […]

Prathusha, India

Hello everybody!! I stopped stuttering over four years ago now, and I become more fluent every year!  I’m Prathusha Ravi, age 25, I used to stutter pitifully, but I became a PWSS (a person who stopped stuttering) and, later, a certified speech coach (CSC) at World Stop Stuttering Association, the world’s only community of EX-stutterers.  […]

Paul, France

  My name is Paul Brocklehurst; I am a Scot residing in France. I have degrees in Speech Therapy and Psycholinguistics, and I have devoted my adult life to speech research. I began stuttering at the age of 3 during a stay in hospital due to complications that arose from glandular fever. Initially my stutter […]

Leah, South Africa

  I have struggled with stuttering most of my life. I thought that I would outgrow it, but I didn’t. Sometimes, I blocked completely, causing severe anxiety and depression. I have craved for days, hours and minutes when I did not stutter– and when I did not FEAR stuttering. It consumed my thoughts and me. […]

Fahad, M.D., Pakistan

I will soon graduate from medical school, and I have a richly rewarding story to tell about my lifelong stuttering. I began stuttering at age 4. I have suffered hesitations followed by extreme blocks and nagging repetitions, all compounded by facial distortions, mouth-jerking, gyrations of my eyebrows and excessive blinking. The physical contortions were even […]

Josh, Texas

My name is Josh Zello. I’m 23, and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I have been a severe stutterer, under pressure, stuttering on every word on bad days, since age 3. By profession, I teach the Christian Bible to approximately 1,000 children, and I’m studying to be a minister. About a year ago, in […]

Zhenhua “Johnson”, Shanghai, China

My name Is Zhenhua (Johnson) Sun; I was born and raised in China; I’ve been a severe stutterer since age 3. Very few were more severe that I was.  I was 30 when I came to the U.S. in 2014 to work on my Master’s Degree. Three months later, with enormous pressure in a foreign […]

Richard, Canada

My name is Richard Parent. I am a French-speaking Canadian with a good knowledge of English.  Some say that I have translated more books and articles on stuttering into French than anyone alive or dead. I was, up to my late forties, a rather moderate stutterer, and I have been very active, some thirty years […]

Micah, Nashville, TN

I recently graduated from medical school.  I am 26, a resident of Nashville, and my name is Micah. I began stuttering at age 5 and stuttered about half my words under pressure. Growing up, of course, I struggled with stuttering in school, doing presentations in class, talking to strangers and authority figures and when on […]

Steve, Stand-Up Comic

I call myself Steve.  I make my living doing stand-up comedy.  I’m a bit of gypsy, but you’ll find me mostly in the U.S.A. My battle with stuttering and blocking has existed as long as I can remember. Stuttering was like a ninja that would suddenly appear out of nowhere and strike me at the […]