Stop Stuttering Masterclass

Discover effective methods to stop stuttering and gain confidence in speaking through our comprehensive classes. Eliminate the need for private coaching as our expert author guides you through practical techniques. Learn how to transform your speech and even develop a love for speaking. Enroll now and unlock the power to turn stuttering into a blessing with our mind-training regimens.

Includes 20 in-depth video lessons

  • If you struggle with hesitations, repetitions, blocks, prolonged silences, or speaking normally, this class has the answers!
  • Class includes Coach Lovett’s revolutionary stuttering book, “How To Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking.”
  • Teaches widely proven techniques to stop stuttering, learn to love speaking, re-train your mind, and elevate your life. 
  • Hundreds of stutterers have stopped after taking this class.
  • Recommended class pace is one weekly lesson. This will enable the student to retain, practice, and master the concepts before moving to the next lesson.

Includes 13 Crutches video lessons

  • This masterful class provides the tools you need to stop hearing stuttering incidents and start hearing only fluency.
  • Class is a deep dive into the tools or crutches thousands of stutterers use to prevent stuttering incidents.  Includes “Crutch Chart” for a handy reference to all 13 invaluable tools.
  • Each video covers 1 of 13 techniques used to avoid stuttering.
  • Each Crutch is explained and expanded upon in easy-to-understand terms.
  • Provides how-to examples and practice for employing Crutches in everyday speech.
  • Presents techniques learned from Lee’s 7,000+ coaching sessions.
  • Mastery of these tools to avoid stuttering is essential for more severe cases to stop stuttering using our Neuroscience Method. 
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