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  1. JOIN COMMUNITY- Immediately attend weekly SAM meetings and daily crutch practice sessions
  2. VIEW VIDEO LIBRARY - search and view coaching, speech club, and stuttering & speech tip videos
  3. TAKE STOP STUTTERING MASTERCLASS – carefully watch all lessons, take quizzes
  4. READ eBOOKS-read “Stop Stuttering-Short Course,” then “How To Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking.”
  5. PRIVATE COACHING-consider private coaching, if needed to supplement other resources
  6. TAKE BEAT FEAR MASTERCLASS – once stuttering is defeated, watch all lessons, take quizzes to beat fear of speaking in public.

You have taken a huge first step by joining as a Patron member. Every stutterer is unique and may have different learning preferences. However, for most stutterers, our suggested learning order will result in fluency as rapidly as possible.

You can access all content through your Dashboard. Watch the "Getting Started with The Lovett Method" video inside your Dashboard to begin.

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