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Read reviews from members, speech professinoals, medical doctors and others who have stopped stuttering using The Neuroscience Method™.

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Amreet, Nepal

“I am grateful to coach Lee for his book and his time and his methods. They work for me. I don’t hate to speak anymore. I am even learning to love to speak.”

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Pawan, Australia

“If you stutter then just reading and following this one book is all you need to do to stop the habit.”

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George, Mexico

“I began stuttering at age 8. I had therapy, but it was no help. Lee’s book gives you all the weapons that you need. I haven’t had any incident where I appeared to be disabled in 12 weeks now and I do believe that I now know how to avoid…

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Neal, Texas

“My message to stutterers is this: Get Lee’s book and master it. His methods work.”

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Devan, Texas

“I have now read Lee’s book five times and I read it aloud every time. It has been a huge help.”

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RC, Brazil

“I found Lee’s book and applied the methods (reading aloud, doing auto suggestions and practicing the “Crutches”, as he calls them, every day), and I began to see real improvement in my speech. If you think that there is no cure for stuttering, you are wrong”.

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Rhythm Kadia, India

Lee’s book, methods and coaching have changed my life for the better forever. You don’t have to stutter either.”

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Katherine, Los Angeles

“Lee’s book and methods and Skype coaching have enabled me to stop stuttering.”

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Braxton, Germany

I feel really fluent, like I can avoid any stutter. I almost don’t think about my speech anymore.”

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