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My Speech Coaching Experience

As the speech coach I have no power I cannot change anyone or anything. It is 100% up to the student. “Coaching” is a noun, not a verb. I offer coaching, and if the other party accepts my gift of coaching that’s great. If they don’t, there’s nothing I can do about it. I did […]


Three Characteristics Every PWS Needs To Stop Stuttering

Patience When a PWS is introduced to The Lovett Method, they become aware that they must read aloud every day, do Auto Suggestions 2x daily and practice crutches and apply them every time they speak. This whole thing is a new pattern of habits which suddenly becomes your daily routine. It is going to challenging […]


The Science of Stuttering & The Lovett Method

I am the bearer of good news:  The “science” of stuttering does not support the long-held dogma that stuttering and semi-muteness are “incurable” or need to be “accepted”.  In point of fact, science supports the conclusion that stuttering and muteness can be converted into enjoyable fluency.          Throughout history, there has been a reluctance to […]


Beat Stress, Anxiety and Pressure with ASTs and Crutches!

Anxiety and stress are the responses that your body has created for you as a defence mechanism. For example, when a person sees a lion in front of him, he begins to sweat and experience shallow breathing because of physical body response to a danger. Similarly, when a PWS (Person Who Stutters) is given an […]


Don’t Wait For A Feared Word To Appear Before Using The Crutches

While many of our students seem able to learn our multiple methods of avoiding bad incidents (appearing disabled), some struggle.  This blog discusses some of my latest coaching sessions with several PWS and why they are not improving as quickly as they should, so that if you, the reader, are making these mistakes too, you […]


Stuttering Became My Biggest Blessing

My name is Lee Lovett. I am not a doctor, but I consider myself an expert of sorts on stuttering, because I battled it for some 25 years, during my teens, 20s and 30s. I have read countless books on the subject and I wrote a book about the methods that I use to control […]


Stuttering Can Be Stopped

Fluency vs. Disfluency Almost 100% of stutterers are fluent when they are alone. Why is that? It’s precisely because we are alone. As you all know, stutterers care (worry) too much about other people’s opinions about ourselves and the way we speak. But when we’re alone, those fears and worries vanish. Therefore, we’re fluent. When […]


Progression to Fluency

The Steps of Fluency.   Many PWS become so irritated with themselves for not becoming fluent in all areas and situations at one time.  They should not allow themselves to become discouraged.  Any and all improvements are a sign that complete fluency CAN be theirs, IF they will keep at it.  Why is this true?  Few […]


Why Training Matters: in Life and in Stuttering

Last Friday I attended “Sim” training for the Police Department. This is simulated reality training where I trained with other officers in mock situations with paintball guns to hone our skills in violent and quickly changing situations. One of the mock calls I went on was an armed barricaded subject in a house, where two […]