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The Destructive Power of Limiting Beliefs

I remember it like it was yesterday, sitting in a dingy, smelly room in my doctor’s surgery as a ten-year-old. A National Health Service Speech Therapist saying to me, “before we start Stuart, I must inform you that there is in fact, no cure for stammering” I remember my heart sinking and thinking, my word, […]


A Toast to Speech Fluency

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – O’ little golden fish (PWS), Thou think thou look so vulnerable in front of the mighty shark (Non-Stutterers), Don’t fidget my tiny lads, For remember, even Phoenix burns to emerge.  Learn to face thy problems. If not now, then when?  Alas, don’t fret. It is thy imperfections that emanates beauty, Thou art […]


Why Do We Step Off Stutterer’s Cliff?

We, as PWS (People Who Stutter), want to defeat stuttering, and we know that in order to do that we must do everything that Lee says in his book. But sometimes, when we are under pressure, we forget what to do because we panic and we end up stepping off Stutterer’s Cliff and appearing as […]