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Using Neuroscience To Stop Stuttering

Neuroplasticity exploded on the medical scene circa 2000, asserts that the brain is like plastic, and its performance can be changed (inorganically and organically) as long as we live. In its simplest terms, desired changes can be effected by visualizing/seeing and hearing the desired changes in action. As “The brain knows what to do,” we […]


Overcoming Speech Blocks: Another Way To Say A Feared Word

I studied Coach Lee’s book and Skyped with him a bunch of times, and I learned and used most of his methods, as so well described on WSSA’s website.  All of this was of incredible help to me.  In this process, I stumbled on a crutch of my own, which Coach Lee now calls “the […]


Helping Children Stop Stuttering

To help our children, we need to understand the origin of stuttering. Virtually all humans are overly concerned with the opinions of others. This goes back to primitive mankind’s life in the wilderness, where every encounter with a stranger posed a potential life-and-death threat and stimulated what the medical world calls the “fear-fight-flight” syndrome, which […]


Why Do I Keep Relapsing Into Stuttering?

Many people who stutter (PWS) reduce or even stop all stuttering (by finding a few methods that work) but relapse back into stuttering within a few weeks or months after stopping.  Why do they keep relapsing? Most of us who beat stuttering PERMANENTLY use MANY different methods to beat it, not just one or a […]


Stop Accepting Your Stutter and Start Improving

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – Is acceptance of stuttering bad? Absolutely not because accepting that you have a stutter takes a lot of courage. Then which aspect of acceptance is wrong? Accepting that stuttering is a way of life is WRONG. Am I confusing? okay, let me walk you through my understanding. STUTTERING IS NOT A WAY […]


Can a PWS Learn to Speak Fluently Like Everyone Else?

That was what one of the PWS (People Who Stutter) I coach asked me last week. This question surprised me at first, but then I replied to him with another question: “You mean, to speak like Lee Lovett or the rest of the coaches? Without bad incidents? Of course you can!”. Before I go any […]


The Fallacy of Accepting Stuttering

After having coached many PWS (People Who Stutter), I have concluded that we have all being told the exact same things regarding curing our stutters. We are told: “You should accept your stutter and be proud of it as it makes you who you are.”: But I never liked who I was when I stuttered. […]


Making Auto Suggestions Work For Your Speech and More

I was watching a video last night of the great Tony Robbins. I love Tony Robbins, he exemplifies confidence for me, and his story fascinates me, his childhood was not unlike my own childhood. I normally get so much value from watching videos from him and last night was no exception. He was discussing positive […]


My Stuttering Journey: from PWS to PWSS

How it all began My name is Tasneem, and I am an admitted attorney and conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa. I started stuttering at the age of 10 and have absolutely no idea how or why it started. I do remember though, that there was another boy in my class, let’s call […]