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Is Stuttering Hereditary?

Is stuttering genetic? Although this seems like a straightforward question, the answer is not clear cut. Many experts believe that stuttering has genetic origins, but a substantial number disagree.  WSSA’s Certified Speech Coaches have worked with hundreds of people who stutter (PWS), and less than 20% of them had ANY other stutterers in their family-history.  […]


Relaxation Methods, Auto Suggestions and Self-Hypnosis To Combat Stuttering, Speech Anxieties and More

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – Auto Suggestions vs. Self-Hypnosis Self-Hypnosis (SH) and Auto Suggestion Treatments (ASTs) help to modify our behavior, emotions, habits and attitudes. They also help us to increase confidence and develop new skills. In fact, it is scientifically proven that these mind training techniques will mitigate stress and anxiety. One of our brilliant coaches, […]


Helping the Medical Community Understand Stuttering

Unfortunately, the medical community does not understand stuttering.  After helping a couple hundred PWS stop stuttering, I have been criticized and called a “charlatan”, “despicable liar”, etc., because I have “no medical training” and deigned to use the word “cure” in the title to my book. “Stuttering is an incurable disease”, or so some in […]


Green and Growing

You might have heard the phrase “You’re either green and growing or brown and dying” though a slightly dark analogy, it couldn’t be more true for PWS (People Who Stutter) and PWSS (People Who Stopped Stuttering). Every time a person falls off stutterer’s cliff, they die a little inside and cement their status as a […]


Using Neuroscience To Stop Stuttering

Neuroplasticity exploded on the medical scene circa 2000, asserts that the brain is like plastic, and its performance can be changed (inorganically and organically) as long as we live. In its simplest terms, desired changes can be effected by visualizing/seeing and hearing the desired changes in action. As “The brain knows what to do,” we […]


Overcoming Speech Blocks: Another Way To Say A Feared Word

I studied Coach Lee’s book and Skyped with him a bunch of times, and I learned and used most of his methods, as so well described on WSSA’s website.  All of this was of incredible help to me.  In this process, I stumbled on a crutch of my own, which Coach Lee now calls “the […]


Helping Children Stop Stuttering

To help our children, we need to understand the origin of stuttering. Virtually all humans are overly concerned with the opinions of others. This goes back to primitive mankind’s life in the wilderness, where every encounter with a stranger posed a potential life-and-death threat and stimulated what the medical world calls the “fear-fight-flight” syndrome, which […]


How To Become Your Own Speech Coach

All the contents available here at World Stop Stuttering Association, including Lee Lovett’s “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”, are designed to help you stop stuttering and not need the help of the coaches. The vast video library of coaching sessions should be extremely helpful, as the advice the coach gives to a certain PWS might also […]


Why Do I Keep Relapsing Into Stuttering?

Many people who stutter (PWS) reduce or even stop all stuttering (by finding a few methods that work) but relapse back into stuttering within a few weeks or months after stopping.  Why do they keep relapsing? Most of us who beat stuttering PERMANENTLY use MANY different methods to beat it, not just one or a […]


Stop Accepting Your Stutter and Start Improving

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – Is acceptance of stuttering bad? Absolutely not because accepting that you have a stutter takes a lot of courage. Then which aspect of acceptance is wrong? Accepting that stuttering is a way of life is WRONG. Am I confusing? okay, let me walk you through my understanding. STUTTERING IS NOT A WAY […]

Unveiling The Neuroscience Method™ by World Stop Stuttering Association