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Join hundreds of EX-stutterers who stopped stuttering in 90 days on average (although beating fear takes longer) and elevated their lives using The Lovett Method. Our program is the only one taught by certified EX-stutterers.

I started stuttering as a child after my dad died- it was a nightmare. The Lovett Method showed me how to love speaking and get my life back.

Prathusha - EX-stutterer and WSSA coach

'Ex-stutterers make the best coaches. They are the only people who understand the complexities of stuttering. I am honored to now be a WSSA certified speech coach helping other stutterers STOP.'

"The Lovett Method changed every aspect of my life. My fluency led to the blossoming of both my career and personal life. Becoming a certified WSSA coach is my way of giving back." Washington DC consultant, WSSA coach and ex-stutterer, Vikram Nandyala.

The Lovett Method

The Lovett Method helps stutterers retrain their brain (neuroplasticity) and replace the habit
of stuttering with the habit of fluency. The four practical elements of the program are:

Understand the ability to retrain your mind and stop stuttering
Lose the fear
Our coaches are all EX-stutterers and provide students with strategies to identify and eliminate the fear of stuttering
Manage your thoughts
We help stutterers unlearn the speech habits that have kept them vocally imprisoned. Coaches give stutterers tactics to purposefully hear fluency from their own lips.
Elevate your life
Ex-stutterers will tell you that The Lovett Method strategies and learning how to retrain your mind will elevate many aspects of life.

We did it, so can you

The proof is in the pudding, as goes the adage. Coach Lee has devoted 6,000 hours of free coaching to hundreds of PWS to help them stop stuttering, as evidenced by nearly 200 Stop Stuttering Stories posted online. More Stop Stuttering Stories are added every month by Lee and WSSA’s Certified Speech Coaches, all EX-stutterers whom Lee trained to coach for WSSA.

200+ posted Stopped Stuttering Stories
50 video lessons

Become an Ex-stutterer with WSSA’s The Lovett Method.

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* We define “success” as not appearing speech disabled for more than one month, but members report continued fluency indefinitely. Relapses have been less than 10% and have been swiftly rectified.

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Why The Lovett Method Works for Me

The Lovett Method, developed by retired attorney and philanthropist Lee G. Lovett as he fought his own battle with stuttering, focuses on stopping stuttering rather than convincing stutterers to accept the condition. Its methods are rooted in the concept of neuroplasticity – the ability of a person to change their own brain through training.

Mind Training
‘It was the Lovett Method's emphasis on mind training that appealed to me. Neuroplasticity. I was surprised at how fast that can change your life. It changed mine. I eventually did stop stuttering.— Engineering Student, Stephanie Brennan, New York.

‘Neuroplasticity is so interesting and hugely powerful. You are overcoming a physical obstruction that occurs due to a mental process. Changing your mindset is so effective. – Vikram, DC Management Consultant
Ex-Stutterers as Coaches
‘The success of this program lies in the fact that the coaches all used to stutter. They get it. - Building Inspector, Clifton Kirby, Alabama

My WSSA coach understood the fear and the humiliation of stuttering because he had experienced it himself. He could relate to the panic of opening my mouth and no words coming out. That has all changed now. I am an Ex-stutterer.

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Speech Anxiety Masters (SAM) is a unique online speech and social club that provides a safe place for stutterers and ex-stutterers to practice public speaking without being judged or intimidated.
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Over 2,000 videos of coaching sessions, Tips, SAM Club discussions and other resources.
Our coaches are extraordinarily helpful, certified, and are all EX-stutterers so they completely understand the challenges facing a person who stutters.
Curated and powerful, all the WSSA stop stuttering and speech anxiety courses are designed to teach without the need for private coaching in many cases and are easily accessible.